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7年 ago

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Now is the 8th month after opening of Cafe Malacca on July 1st 2015. We have various plans in this month, but the most important is, of course, Koume birthday on March 17th. Koume is a rabbit living in the cafe building, was born on March 17 in Shimo-Shinjo, Higashi-odogawa-ku, Osaka city. She is opal-color  Netherland Dwarf. As you know, she has become Cafe Malacca logo, is also the honorary chairman of the Koume Inc., a company  managing Cafe Malacca. Please enjoy the our change in this month!
March 3 – English Page added
Cafe Malacca web site has Japanese and English page.
March 4 – Reservation system start
It’ll be able to reserve 3rd floor seat on the Web.
March 5 – Add Asian beer items
March 7 – Add Asian wine items
We add and enhance the Asian alcohol menu items continuously.
March 17 – Koume birthday
The most important events of March! We will have a small birthday party at the 3rd floor. Cafe malacca customers can attend it and meet the Koume chairman. Lets celebrate her 2-years-old birthday with Asian coffee, tea and alcohols. 
March 30 –  Koume tea room (小梅茶屋) temporarily open.
The entire hierarchy of the cafe had been planned from 2014.  Finally in this March,  the plan is going to be completed. The fourth floor renovated with a white color base, like a former British domination era building is going to be opened as the Koume tea room. . . . .  If I write like above, the construction look like already completed and we only need prepare the tea room open. However the truth is completely different. We need to repair the 4th floor materials and carry many luggages away. Although a lot of  difficulties and problems has been stacked, we will change the 4th floor to cafe seat surely with maximum effort.


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