Tony Lin トニーリン

Did you wonder the reason why Tony Lin alone? If you want to know about it, it would be better to check Tony’s business history of “Cafeteria Sonrisa”. It was a Latin cafe used to exist in Nakazaki Town. This story is too long and too much deep to explain, because it is a matter that requires lawsuits and trials. For Additional information, please refer to Tony’s book page. *But still editing.

Cafeteria Sonrisa existed in the past 過去に存在したカフェテリアソンリサ

Were you surprised that the contents of the Koume works project? Although we have only one person, we have expanded several type of business so far with a rabbit and a fish. Because there are business organizations such as Koume Inc and business partners, we could have expanded our business.
Please refer to the below mind map showing our business structure. We constantly changing ourselves to challenge for the future.

小梅製作所のビジネス状況を表す図です 2017 Feb 13th