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It’s Not for easy : the reason Cafeteria Sonrisa has one type of Mojito : History

8年 ago

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If you search “mojito osaka”, you will see many shops that offer mojito in Osaka.
One shop has 7 or 8 types of mojito, another shop has over 100 types of mojito. it’s unbelievable.

On the other hand, Cafeteria Sonrisa has only one type of mojito.
Sonrisa Mojito  Uno(1)! So its simple, and clear, you don’t lose the way of mojito.

Cafeteria Sonrisa Mojito (Image) on April 2014

Why Cafeteria Sonrisa has only one type of mojito?

Because of our research and development of mojito in 2011, we have this mojito.
In April 2011, our predecessor, Latin Bar Sonrisa, a latin american culture inspired bar which was located in  Nakazaki-Cho, received a negative comment from a customer about taste of mojito.
So we had tried to improve it from April to July in 2011 for about 3  months.

Then we refered to the famous bar and drank mojito in Kita-Shinchi and received advice from bar owner seniors.
We also checked many youtube videos for how to make a delicious mojito.

We found many kind of mojito in Osaka,  Three are differences of ingredients/methods.
Going back to the origin of mojito, we decided to make the copy of mojito referring to the one of “La Bodeguita del Medio”, the very famous bar in Havana, Cuba, off course, by adjusting the recipe for Japanese customers.
The Latin bar Sonrisa owner had stayed in Cuba for cosmetic company job, he could know how the case should be like.  we started to experiment with ingredients made in Japan.

Additionally we had a few bar customers who came from Cuba.
We asked them to check taste of mojito and we got any advice and Tips from them.
Finally we fixed the recipe of sonrisa mojito.
So we have only the one these of mojito.

[Making several kinds of mojito by adding extra ingredients]

we explained that we have only one kind of mojito .
However we want customers to enjoy our mojito in several tastes so we use method of extra ingredients.
it is a way to increase the variation , to put the additional material to the basic mojito.
to do this method, we need to think  “what the mojito is”  or “ what kind of ingredients the mojito contains.”

So we show the way to increase mojito variation below.

Basic mojito has ingredients as follows :
-Brazil organic sugar
-Trowalay syrup
-Crushed Ice

Next, let us see the standard mojito.

-Standard mojito:
-Liquid fruit
-Powder Sweetener
-Soda Water/ Sparking water

Standard mojito represents the really necessary ingredients.
I you omit any ingredient, cover just one, it cannot be called mojito.
We increase the type of each ingredient, and it’s combinations.

Standard Mojito :
-Liquid fruit (Lime/Lemon)
-Poweder sweetener (Brazil sugar)
-Syrup (Toroware/Monan syrup etc)
-Leaf (Spare mint /coriander)
-Alcohol (Rum/Tequila/Gin/Vodka/Non-Alcohol)
-Soda water (Nose-Soda/Coke)
-Ice (Crushed Ice/Cubed Ice)

In order to increase the kinds of mojito, we increase the types of each ingredient and its combinations.
In this summer, we will be ready to serve several types of mojito , please enjoy our mojito, the different kinds of mojito at Cafeteria Sonrisa.

March 17, 2015


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